Personal injury Litigation
Work injury damages
Motor vehicle
Public Liability
Workers Compensation
Professional Negligence
Medical Negligence
Admitted to the Bar as a Non-Practising Barrister 1974 (NSW)
Admitted as Solicitor 1975 (NSW)
Appointed State Industrial Advocate 1975-1977 (NSW)
Admitted to Bar 1977 (NSW)
Admitted to Bar 1980 (ACT & VIC)
Personal injury Litigation, Work injury damages, Motor vehicle, Public Liability, Superannuation
Workers Compensation, Professional Negligence, Medical Negligence
Mr Jurisich commenced his legal career in 1973 as a non-practising barrister with the New South Wales State Crown Solicitor’s Office where he worked in the Company Prosecution Department. He was articled to the Crown Solicitor and was admitted as a solicitor in 1974.He was then seconded to the Public Service Board as an Industrial Advocate on behalf of the State of New South Wales until 1977.

He was admitted to the NSW Bar in June 1977 where after he practised in criminal law, common law, family law, corporate law, commercial law, equity, industrial law, and personal injury law.
He has appeared in all jurisdictions and courts in New South Wales and the ACT.

Mr Jurisich has always enjoyed a strong work ethic in his large practice and has successfully completed countless cases. He has had a solid practice of 38 years and is a skilled advocate and negotiator. Over the last 15 years he has focused on all fields of personal injury and negligence law.
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