Responsible for running the administration and business activities of chambers, the clerk is integral to the success of chambers, both as a legal practice and as a business.
Mark Grace is the Clerk to Seventh Floor Garfield Barwick chambers.

Mark has 20 years experience in and around chambers and commenced with the floor in 2002.

Mark has a detailed knowledge of the practice areas of each member and can accept new matters as well as advise on counsel availability and fees.

Mark is also the first point of contact for any enquiries relating to the administration of the floor.
Seventh Floor Garfield Barwick Chambers is one of the leading sets of barristers’ chambers in New South Wales.

It has a strong tradition of offering the highest standards of practice.
Our barristers practise in a broad range of areas and jurisdictions. They have the expertise and experience to appear in and advise on a wide range of matters.

Each barrister on the floor is committed to offering the highest standards of practice in both advocacy and advisory work.

For more specific information on each member’s area of practice, please look in the Barristers section of this website or contact the clerk, Mark Grace.
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