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Criminal law
Criminal appeals
Commissions of inquiry and inquests
Disciplinary proceedings
Regulatory offences
Administrative and public law


2021: Called to the Bar
2020 to 2021: Trial Advocate at ODPP NSW
2016 to 2020: Trial Advocate, Legal Aid NSW
2015 to 2016: Committals Unit at Legal Aid NSW (Sydney Office)
2015: Criminal Indictable Unit at Legal Aid NSW (Sydney Office)
2014 to 2015: Solicitor at William Obrien & Ross Hudson Solicitors
2010 to 2014: Solicitor at ODPP NSW (Sydney Office)
2009 to 2010: Solicitor at Justin Lewis and Angelo Bilias Solicitors


Four-and-a half years prior to coming to the bar Mr Pace was a Trial Advocate at Legal Aid NSW and the Office Director Public Prosecutions NSW. In that role, as the advocate appearing, he personally conducted jury and judge alone trials in District Court of NSW.

As a solicitor, Mr Pace was appointed as an accredited specialist in Criminal Law by the Law Society of NSW.

Mr Pace is a passionate, skilled, honest and ethical advocate.

As a result of his professional background he has been involved in a number of serious indictable matters such as: murder, terrorism, commonwealth drug importation, drug supply (Large commercial, Commercial & Indictable quantities), break and enter, robbery, kidnapping, firearm, fraud, child & adult sexual assault matters, child grooming offences, domestic violence offences etc.

In addition to his extensive trial experience, he has also appeared as advocate sentences, bail applications and appeals for both State and Commonwealth offences.

Mr Pace has developed a heightened sense of social awareness. He is passionate about contributing and giving back to the community. He is involved in continuing legal education for lawyers. He has presented and authored several papers which are referred to in his CV.

He has a strong interest in Coronial Inquests, Disciplinary Proceeding, Medical Negligence, High Risk Offender/ESO applications, Police misconduct matters and Administration Law.

Below are some published decisions of interest for which Mr Pace appeared as advocate, junior counsel or instructed:

  • R v Hazelwood [2021] NSWDC 88 – Multiple Break & Enter offences (as advocate on sentence)
  • R v Kabbout [2020] NSWDC 707 – Firearm & Drug matter (as advocate at trial)
  • R v Dries [2020] NSWDC – 10/8/2020 – 2019/224976 – Child Sexual Assault offence (as advocate at trial)
  • R v Sazdanovski [2020] NSWDC 379 – Successful permanent stay application (as advocate in the local court and as junior in the District Court)
  • R v Alou (No. 4) [2018] NSWSC 221, R v Alou [2019] NSWCCA 231 and Special Leave to the High Court of Australia, The Queen (S341/2019) v Alou 12 June 2020 – Terrorism offences (as junior lead by senior counsel)
  • Amante v R [2020] NSWCCA 34 and R v Amante [2019] NSWDC 222 – Destroy property by fire offences (as advocate at sentence)
  • Brown v R [2019] NSWCCA 185 and R v Tylan Brown [2018] NSWDC 265 – Discharge Firearm & other offences (as advocate at trial & sentence)
  • R v Liliane Correa DA SILVA [2019] NSWDC – A/Judge J Williams – 23/1/19 – 2018/00089613 –Large Commercial Drug Importation Matter (as advocate at sentence)
  • R v Lincoln [2018] NSWDC 97 – Griffiths Remand/s11 matter (as advocate at sentence)
  • Popovic v R; Hristovski v R; Bubanja v R; and Koloamatangi [2016] NSWCCA 202 – murder offence (successful conviction appeal against murder)
  • R v Slotboom [2013] NSWCCA 18 – murder offence
  • R v Matthews [2013] NSWSC 659 – murder offence
  • Ryan v R; Coulter v R [2013] NSWCCA 175 – murder offence
  • KS v Veitch [2012] NSWCCA 186 and KS v Veitch (No 2)[2012] NSWCCA 266 – Sexual Assault Communications Privilege
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